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Frequency to Wavelength Calculator

When working with radio, it is often helpful to know the wavelength of a given frequency, or vice versa. The wavelength is the distance between two peaks in a wave, given its speed and frequency.

When designing an antenna, for example, you often want its length to be some fraction (often 1/2), of the wavelength of your target frequency.

The parameters are related by:

$$ c = \lambda * f $$


  • c is speed in the medium, in meters/sec
  • \( \lambda \) is wavelength, in meters
  • f is frequency, in hz

The calculator below makes it easily to calculate Frequency or Wavelength given the other. You can also adjust the for the speed of the medium you care about.

By default the table is set up for the speed of light in air.

The tool allows the use of standard SI suffixes for common powers of ten.

  • G for giga or \( 10^{9} \)
  • M for mega or \( 10^{6} \)
  • K for kilo or \( 10^{3} \)
  • m for milli or \( 10^{-3} \)
  • u for \( \mu \) or micro \( 10^{-6} \)
  • n for nano or \( 10^{-9} \)
  • p for pico or \( 10^{-12} \)
Speed of light in medium(meters/sec)
Wavelength (meters)
Frequency (hz)

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